It's time for a change
  • Wholesome nutrition to support your dogs health and wellbeing
  • Plus 80% of profits donated to UK dog charities and rescue centres
  • dogclub is a new kind of dog food business

dogclub has a clear and simple mission statement.

Our mission and purpose is to do good for UK Dogs.

Dogs offer us love and friendship when we need it most.

They are an important part of society and have been our companions and protectors for many thousands of years.

They give to us without conditions.

dogclub exists to give back

Our Passion

We are a community interest company based in beautiful Dorset UK. Although we operate in the same way as a traditional business, we are a social enterprise, and our primary mission and purpose is to help UK Dog charities. 

UK Dog owners spend over 1 billion pounds each year purchasing food for their pets, with a huge share going to the owners, directors and shareholders of giant multinational corporations.

Meanwhile, UK animal rescue centres which were already struggling for funds, have now lost up to half of their income due to the coronavirus pandemic after being forced to close their charity shops and cancel fundraising events. Cash donations from the public have also fallen due to the financial hardship caused by lockdowns and almost half of all animal homes believe they may not survive the crisis.(1)

Many thousands of UK Dogs in need of medical attention and/or new homes are now facing an uncertain future.

It is a big problem.

We are passionate about helping to solve that problem.

We Donate 80% Of Profits To UK Dog Charities

We believe that it’s time for a new kind of Dog food business. 

It’s time for a Dog food business that benefits Dogs more than people.

All Dog food businesses need to make profits, this we understand, but funding for UK Dog charities is collapsing and thousands of Dogs are in desperate need of help.

There are many other UK businesses that offer high quality dog food formulated to  support the health and wellbeing of your pet. 

They all want your custom and many are involved in a price war to gain market share. 

Some brands are even offering below cost price “first time purchase” offers to entice new customers to “jump ship” from their usual brand.

At dogclub, we have decided to take a different approach.

We do not have large institutional investors and we can’t afford to spend vast sums of money on advertising or offer 90% OFF introductory offers to entice new customers to join us.

We firmly believe that most dog owners are not driven solely by the cost of their pets’ food, they LOVE Dogs, and want what is best for ALL Dogs.

So we focus on:

  1. Supplying the best quality UK made Dog food at a fair price.
  2. Ensuring an amazing customer experience by offering fast helpful customer service plus the best customer satisfaction guarantee in the industry.
  3. Building a loyal customer base and donating 80% of our profits to UK Dog charities and rescue centres.

 We like to think of it like this:

If Dog’s could run their own Dog food businesses, they would be able to make profits to help themselves and their kind. But they can’t.

So we will.

We hope you will agree that it’s way past time for a change and that it’s the right thing to do.

Our Charter

dogclub is a UK Government registered community interest company, so we are legally bound to donate the majority of our profits to UK Dog charities, forever.

We have formed the company in this way to ensure that dogclub will ALWAYS benefit UK Dog charities.

Additionally, to ensure that dogclub maximizes the profits available to make donations we have set a maximum salary cap for all dogclub employees, managers and directors.

At dogclub the maximum salary (whatever the position) will never surpass 3X the average UK wage. Ever.

We have also set a minimum hourly wage for ALL employees equal to UK minimum wage plus 25%.

In addition, if dogclub was ever to be sold, UK Government community interest company regulations guarantee that the majority of sale proceeds will be donated to UK Dog charities.

We have set out these guiding principles to ensure that we:

  • Attract team members who are passionate about helping dogs.
  • Ensure that all entry level employees receive a fair wage
  • Make it 100% clear that we are here to do good for Dogs, always.

In Summary (and a call to action):

So, this page has been a brief introduction to dogclub, our mission, and to social enterprise.

Thanks for making it this far 🙂

We are proud to be part of a rapidly growing community of businesses who are choosing to put the welfare of people and animals above profits.

Social enterprise businesses can be a force for good whilst providing rewarding employment opportunities and supporting good causes.

If you are interested in discovering more about how social enterprise works, then please consider watching this short explanatory video from Social Enterprise UK:

If you feel inspired and would like to find out more about the social enterprise revolution, we encourage you to visit Social Enterprise UK for ideas and further information:

You can also find many informative and entertaining videos on their Youtube channel here:

If you feel motivated to become part of the social enterprise movement then I have some advice for you:

Follow your passion, focus on your vision, and do it.

A social enterprise can be ANY type of business!

So do what you love and turn your vision into reality 🙂

Remember, it’s not quick or easy to set up and run a business, however, it can be extremely rewarding!  If you follow your heart, and focus on helping others. the rewards will be much more than just money could ever offer.

If you are a registered Dog charitity interested in receiving funding from dogclub then please contact us here.

If you would like to help dogclub to help UK Dog charities then please consider sharing our message with your family and friends :-).

Thankyou for taking the time to get to know us 🙂

(1). Association of Dogs and Cats Homes

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dogclub is a new kind of dog food business

We are a UK Government registered Community Interest Company
and donate 80% of profits to UK Dog charities

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  • Enjoy easy repeat deliveries straight to your door
  • Cancel or change your deliveries anytime
  • Save 10% on your first order
  • Save 10% on every recurring order
  • No membership fees – ever

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