Re: leash training to save looking through old posts


I’ve bought a new lead and collar and ditched the head collar and we’re working on it! After 5 attempts this morning we eventually got the lead on and out of the house, up and down my road god knows how many time and eventually made it to the park!! Everytime I stop when she pulls she comes back to my side so that’s a good start, I’ve just got to be consistent. Piper’s a nutter when I get the lead out too so we’re working on calming her down before the lead goes on! ::)

Bl**dy hard work cos yes I do want to scream and shout but feel so much better for controlling myself – I’m not the most patient person in the world which is probably why I’ve given up in the past but I am more determined than ever now as Bev makes it sound so easy and already has Sam sorted on the lead and doG what a difference it’ll make to walking once she doesn’t pull anymore!!!

Patience is a virtue!!!  ;D

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