Re: leash training to save looking through old posts


mm ok – there is no also about it – the pack manager manages the hunt

imagine – a pack of dogs going hunting – some drive the prey some wait for the driven prey – thats how collies became herders  🙂

a rogue not listening to pack manager type dog runs it at the wrong moment – ergo no food
when you take your dogs out – they are going hunting – if your dog is ‘rogue’ then you have the same effect – so by managing the ‘hunt’ you are in control of what happens in it – we just sub the natural stuff

this is why  go on soooo much about management along side training the cues – if you are not managing then your dog does not have to follow a cue – he will take choice everytime

try and get to some collie trials or just a working sheep farmer out with his dog pack – where there are young up and coming dogs working as a brace/part of team – and watch the way the pack managing dog dog controls the younger one/s – look for the ‘look’ and the neck snaps and the cut off running and grab roll on to back  🙂

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