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well ok i met my first clumber to day and well i gotta say after looking at pics in the books i sorta didnt like them  😮 but iv gotta say after meeting bruno this afternoon im now very fond of them  ;D he was just so cute i didnt have time this morning to get camra i wasnt very well  🙁 but iv just gotta say he was so cute about 2 1/2 ish shes had him since easter he was a bit knoty but looks a lot smarter now, the lady got him from the clumber rescue in wizbeach.

my back is now super sore as when kim ws doing his bum and hocks i took his waight and being a bit odd well instead of standing on 3 feet he stood with 2  ::) im not even sure how he tought that would work and boy they r heavy well alot more than what i tought he would be. he will be back in end of jan so i promise to do my best to get pics 🙂


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