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i was at a show and this lady had 8 of them i tought they look funky we do a yorky who has no hair what so ever feels like a water bottle a very rubbery one hee has hair on the tip of his hail tufts on his legs and a very thin covering on his face hes called fred and hes just so cute

we bathed and trimmed him up he did have to have a matt on his side clipped of  and he had some close ones on his ears but due to bad ear infections he wouldnt let us nr them with the clippers so about 20 min of head wrestling we trimmed them out  ::) but she said she wont leave him so long as she bathed him in the summer and rubbed his coat lots hence the mats, so hopefully he will look even better, she is going to bring her st bernard in to c us soon as well so that will be a nice change as well 🙂


i feel the same about the sussex sp as well they look a bit ugly but i havnt met them in person either:)

i didnt get an affix i did ask but she wasnt listerning she was all worried and stayed while we did him  :-\ 

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