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Depends why it’s thin could be in the genes could be auto immune problems could be age

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i am so gonna get the most use out of this thread lol

well we do a whw  and he has such a thin coat  he has him trimmed up all over but his coat seems to still be thinning out u can see his skin trough it. is this just say a bad coat or is there somthing which can be done to help improve the thickness of it?


I know this is going to sound soooooo stupid, but you know me ill ask anyway  😛  ;D

If you shave a humans hair, ‘most’ of the time it grows back quite quick and thicker than it was, does that go for dogs aswell??  :-\

Not that anyone would want to walk around with a naked dog or would do it, im just asking out of being curious!

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