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joly val..rough(think your the other groomer  :-\ ) anyway spotted this on the net and wondered if you use it at the groomers and what is it  ???

quote :

If a longhaired dog is not groomed daily, mats and tangles can be a serious problem. Sometimes tangles can be brushed out. If the coat is matted, try using your fingers to pull the mat apart and then brush the hair in place. If the mat cannot be worked apart with the fingers, grooming preparations are available that lubricate the mats so they are easier to comb out. If combing will not work, the mats must be cut off. Gently pull the mat away from the dog’s body, then carefully cut the hair between the mat and the skin. Blunt-edge scissors are recommended to help prevent injuring the dog if he should wiggle during the cutting procedure.

The bit that is in blue, is it a spray or something??

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