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From what I can see, he was bought from the breeder with all his papers and then they bred with a bitch that belonged to another family member. I spoke to the lady concerned who tried to say that she didn’t want her puppies to be bred from from it quickly became apparent that she couldn’t have registered the litter anyway.
I was more than scathing with her on the phone as I pointed out that she had charged an awful lot of money for pups without any medical history (no documented worming, no injections) and no prospect of papers but she simply said that she wanted her bitch to have a littler before she had her spayed.
I was equally sharp with her as I pointed out that she had visited this couple at home and it was quite clear that they had absolutely no experience, a 6 month old baby, a tiny starter home and a pocket handkerchief garden. She had no defence.
I sent her some pics of Bear in his new home and she promised to send pics of when he was born. To date she has not replied.
All I got from my call was the date of his birth so we celebrated with a ‘Good Boy’ cake and the knowledge that she will never get in touch. We had a very bad experience with a breeder just over a year ago and have yet to recover.
Val is there some sort of regulater like Ofsted … a sort of Offdog that bad breeders can be reported to?

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