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Your yes should of been a NO as the dog was not registered, thats what I could not understand the KC are very tight on registerations if prodgeny is not to be registered they mean no to be.
The KC is the govening body for registered dogs we registered breeders have to abide by there rules
everytime we go to a show we sign the show rules and everytime we breed we sign the puppy registeration forms but all this only applies to KC registered breeders
Hi Val, sorry for delay replying, been working. The sire was registered. That was what I meant, yes he had KC papers. The papers clearly stated R-Progeny not eligible for registration. The breeder gave copies of both his parents papers to the young couple that bought the puppy, telling them that they could register the pup themselves. If he had been my dog I would never have agreed to use the sire to breed as there was obviously a reason why he should not. It is for this reason that we have talked to the vet with regards to having Bear castrated to stop any accidents and the jaw defect that he has perpetuating in any misplanned litters.
The reason that I asked for regulatory body info is because (deep breath) we were ‘given’ a dog by a breeder who had kennel problems and knew we were looking for a family pet and were going to visit a rescue centre. A very depressed stud dog arrived and 2 months later finally wagged his tail. After 8 months he was very much part of the family and quite a character in our lives when … the breeder crawled out of the woodwork, demanded him back and simply took him. She declared that he was to be entered into Crufts and, as we had not asked for a receipt or his papers, we did not have a leg to stand on. When we agreed to take him on (no mean feat as he was a very large animal) she said she would have to have him PTS if she could not find him a home but when she threw him in the back of her 4×4 she declared that he was her dog and she could do as she pleased. No amount of pleading for him could sway her and her parting comment was ” oh for gods sake, it’s a dog!”
This happened over a year ago and I still cannot look at his picture without crying.

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