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on top of all that – she gave sam and ami paddywack this morning out of their pressies  ::)
they both soooo off the planet like you wouldnt believe – and they both gobby mouths – open your windows folk – you will hear them  ::)

sam has destroyed a cushion – he hasnt chewed anything since arriving – ami is – well – ami is being manic maud x 10 – she has decided that toyah needs waking up and is hurling stuff at her tank – even brose has given up and is lying at the top of the stairs – falkor has taken himself to bed and it only 7.30

one of these days she will listen – mind you – been saying that for more years than i can remember
if i hear only gave them a bit once more……….

mebeingmanicmaud  :-* amilou

metoo samtoo  :-*

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