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proteins are a mix of amino acids – these are the building blocks that form hundrerds of different proteins each of which performs a specific task – each amino acid ‘pattern’ matches a different protein for use by the bodies enzymes, hormones, genes, red blood cells, hair, skin, bone, and muscle.

there are nine essential amino acids an adult dog must have to stay healthy, these are isoleucine, lysine, phenylalanine, threonine, valine, histidine, methionine, and tryptophan with puppies also needing an extra one – arginine.

the important bit is that it is these proteins that are contained in the food – these proteins are found in the more costly types of food – good quality meats and eggs etc

to put it bluntly a leather handbag is 100% protein – but it is of no use as a food – it has no biological value!

dry food contain high levels of cereal proteins – wheat, corn, barley – these have very low biological values – this combined with the poor meat proteins such as cocks combs and other garbage means that the correct amounts of the amino acids that are needed as above requires other crap/ingredients such as lycinic acids, to be added to up the quantity in the hope that the intake will cover the requirments

so what does this do to the dog:

a diet that consists of high quality protein is of greater value than a diet of second-class protein as the conversion of the amino acids as each matches it’s function to the applicable part of the body – (they are building blocks remember) such as muscle, coat etc produces toxic waste, i.e. nitrogen compounds, this needs getting ridding of – it is evacuated – it comes out the other end bringing with it other valuable nutrients – the ones that need a bit more time to work – ie most of the crap diet is in the crap! parts of the body are thus ‘starved’ of essential needs – for general health, fitness, repair etc etc

dried dog food is also a lottery – one day the dog may get over and above minimum requriements of the vits and minerals – another day nowhere near enough – this is because of the distribution of the foods in the bags

combine all this with the other crap that goes in and you can maybe begin to see where us ‘barf extremists’ are coming from

50 years ago the average lifespan of a normal well kept dog was 15 years – it is now 10 and the only real difference is the food they now get combined with over use of drugs – and now we find that latest research is proving what the likes of us has been saying for the last few years – that the increasing incidents of pano, hd, ed etc is not just about breeding but the genetics in the breeding is being aggravated by the type of feeding that has gone from a fad to the norm

as i have said before – i spend no more than 25p – 28p per dog per day – the dogs that i have raised from pup have had very long lives – it is the rescues that come to us that have been raised on dry that we lose early – hollie is the only rescue that we have had to old old age – she is 15 – she was raised on a natural diet

it aint rocket science – regardless of what the dog food companies try to tell us – they are in it for the money and only the money – the rest of the verbal garbage is as good as their food!

bevs 2nd rant on food 

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