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the problem is that working with dogs – as in training and remodifying needs practical application while your own skills are devolping and it is unfair to do this with client dogs or mate’s dogs that have problems etc in case more damage is done – it does not work either by using your own dogs as these are a known quantity – any course that does not require case studies or offers practical training for trainer options is too weak and many trainer/behaviourists are out there that have done these types of courses – i know – i often pick up the results – there just has to be practical and this is where the membership bodies fall down – yeah you can learn on line how to train in a cue as a generic but when you meet that first dog that wants to take a chunk out of your backside then what – what you do in that moment at that time and in that space and at that criteria can result in a solution or a one way trip to the vets

sorry if this sounds heavy but i feel very strongly about these courses

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