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I would definatly agree with kiz, if you want to learn how to become a dog trainer than you need to have the learning of the practical part. It is all well and good mentally learning what to do but that is nothing when you are faced with putting it into practice ::) you need to learn both at the same time on a course that teaches everything, online courses can not do this, it is unfair on the future dogs that these ‘trainers’ are faced with. šŸ™ You wouldnt do an online course on how become a mechanic and not go under the hood to have a look around and learn from a experienced mecahnic would you. šŸ˜‰

In my case I ama stay at home mum who home educates my three kids so why do they have all the fun šŸ˜€ i will only do this online course as a learning insight before i decide (and get the time) to venture into the proper world of learning how to become a trainer šŸ™‚

Many people on this board have had the pleasure of kiz’s help and expertise some have the added bonus of getting activities to work through but that does not mean we know everything about training and can then become a trainer.Ā  šŸ™‚

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