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with your basic classes that you do now – what operant methods do you use? and how do you assess the puppies that are turning classical to operant?[/quote] I don’t even know what that means lol – I do old fashioned heelwork training, basic sits, down, stand stays, recall – things like that. There is absolutely nothing else available here. We don’t have any problem dogs in the class so I guess I’ve been lucky so far. Thats why I want to learn more.

[quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=965.msg110036#msg110036 date=1168363822]i can offer you guides and science of learning info and training record procedures etc and will do so willingly but you do need the dogs to apply it all to[/quote] That sounds fab! Thank you!  ;D

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if there is no one else for these others to learn from then why not be the best you can be and learn it all ;)[/quote] My sentiments exactly!  ;D Jax

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