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MMMmm well I don’t think your dyslexicia is a major problem but four years to me is a problem thats four year then another two for the C & G you could become a Dr in that time

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well i did childcare at school and tought yes i would do that  but then decided it wasnt for me i want babies not look after other ppls lol, as u can tell from my posts im dislexic and dont really enjoy papper work and love amoe hands on aproch, i love nature and all the wonderfull things about it so did the holistic therapys and as i had another year of free corses  i decided to do animal care as i love animals and tought it would be cool and we did 3 placemnts 2 days a week all year and my first one was the groomers and she offered me a jb so as soon as i finished i started work there lol


and out of every thing iv lernt and worked at working with dogs is the best job iv ever had apart from the whole learning how to empty anel glands  ::)


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