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Well firstly I’d recommend a sanity test!  😉


Watch every dog and situation you can. Go watch a sheep dog demonstration, agility, obedience and working trials. Watch other animals too. Study a flock of sheep, herd of cows or a bunch of birds and you will learn masses about animal behaviour in general. 

Train your own dog to do as many things as possible…..

Then Id recommend you find a great club, train there and then if you like the instruction and it works, ask if you can help out.

I have a full time dog training business and all of my current (8) instructors are ex customers who where good at training, have shown aptitude toward training people (becasue usually that is what it is all about) and have had the ‘balls’ to ask if they can help out. ‘Balls’ is important if you are to deal with loads of people. The personality is absolutly vital. 

As a result I have a fantastic team. We keep up to date on developing training techniques, we recommend books to one another and we recommend and attend other peoples courses.

No matter how much you ever know, there is someone who will know more. Seek them out and watch them, train with them, attend their courses, read their books or watch their videos.

I have taken learning from and can recommend the following, Mary Ray, Karen Pryor, John Rogerson, Peter Neville, Ian Dunbar, Thomas Longton, Barbara Sykes, Neil Short and others.

If you liove near Nottingham get in touch, you are welcome at our sessions.

Good Luck,



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