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Ok. I’ve read a few more of the replies and this is for the attention of Kiz, can I call you kiz?

I totally agree with you on the subject of canine behaviour and psychology courses. I am currently operating in an area where a number of people have been on them. They are now working as bewhaviourists in this area and I too spend time picking up their pieces.

I have recently heard of A dog/owner agression case where the ‘qualified’ behaviourist had ‘resolved’ the problem over the phone in 10 minutes without meeting either dog or owner. The owner has since been bitten several times, and the dog has now been destroyed.

Anyone interested in dog training please hear these comments. You can only learn how to train a dog by being taught, by a dog! Dogs are always the best teachers. And the more dog teachers you have the better a trainer you will be. Animals have a language of their oiwn. If you listen and watch carfeully you can pick it up. Some people do so intuitively, but others can be taught. 

Courses can provide a lot of techinical jargon to use and also a lot of really useful information and case studies. But you have to get in there with the dogs to really find out where it’s all at.

Watch dogs, walk dogs, train dogs, watch other people train their dogs, watch the good and the bad and spot the difference.


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