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ok im sorry this is a bit of a brag but i am really really chuffed yesterday my boss said she was leaving at lunch and me and kim had to do a goldy as he seems to like me and snarls at every 1 else and a mini poodle, and kim the other groomer who dosnt like them as she think they look bad but i think they look grate, well i said if his coat is ok i will have a go at trimming him up, he was a 1 year old white boy who i wanted to kill as he flinched every time i touched his hair  ::) but iv gotta say i was just so chuffed with him i really was, kim to a pic with her fone and is gonna print it out for me so i will put it up on monday . but kim finished his head off as it was flopping and i was running out of time.

i just had to tell sumone lol  ;D


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