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That was a great read thank you kiz, i’d never though about how important feet were to be honest, well not indepth like that anyway!

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When dogs’ normal body temperature (101.5 degrees to 102.5 degrees) drops due to cold they shiver to increase muscle activity – but – and this is the real clever bit – they also withdraw some of their circulation from the extremities to the internal organs and the veins and blood vessels as mentioned above have heat exchangers – carrying cold blood back from the feet to the heart – this passes right next to arteries – goes through the heart where it increases in temperature then carries the warm oxygenated blood back to the feet.  

This bit was really interesting!! totally amazing how there bodies work! ^ ^

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Also the feet will operate at lower temperatures because the fat is very different from the rest of the body’s fat – it has a higher melting point and a lower freezing point – hence again why dogs have cold feet    And what is more……….the same principle works backwards in the hot summer months and helps stop the body from overheating – now isnt that clever 

Has it ever been known for this not to work though??  :-\ or what would happen if the dogs body didnt do this? (cant believe how interested i am over dogs feet now  😀 )

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