Re: Feeding – bev’s on a rant


Is Trophy OK then? And what about NatureDiet? I’ve been recommended it elsewhere… I don;t want to seem lazy but I’m…. OK, I’m lazy… I find it hard squeezing everything in as it is!!  ???

I could probably manage to handle mince… but if there’s something out there that I can get in a packet (e.g. Burns, naturediet, nature’s menu) that I can feed her, and just supplement her diet with a bit of meat, veg, eggs etc then that would be a good compromise I think. I’ll happily cook for her at weekends, and if OH has meat or fish I’m sure she wouldn’t mind sharing.

I was going to start getting her bones too – proper ones with marrow in… although possibly not beef as she’s mad enough already ;D

I’m trying to re-adjust my brain…

when we had a Beardie when I was ickle (I trained him but it was all so long ago) he and the cats were fed some dry food that you added hot water to and then gave it to the animals when it had cooled down – it had meat & gravy & veg in – does anyone else remember it? And ws it any good?

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