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when we had a Beardie when I was ickle (I trained him but it was all so long ago) he and the cats were fed some dry food that you added hot water to and then gave it to the animals when it had cooled down – it had meat & gravy & veg in – does anyone else remember it? And ws it any good?

I think it was Vitalin or something similar

Vitalin Original With Gravy is a nutritionally complete balanced dog food, in a traditional muesli style and does not require any additional meat or supplements.

Vitalin Original has been specifically formulated for working dogs & Greyhounds and is made with meat & marrowbone, cooked wheat, sweetcorn, barley and soya to provide the correct balance of proteins and carbohydrates plus all of the vitamins and minerals your dog needs for a happy, healthy, active life.

Contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Cooked Wheat, Cooked Sweetcorn, Meat & Marrowbone, Soya, Cooked Barley, Vitamins & Minerals.

Protein 18%, Oil 3.2%, Ash 6.8%, Fibre 2.8%, Moisture 12%, Copper (Cupric Sulphate) 12 mg/kg.
Vitamin A – 8,000 iu/kg,
Vitamin D3 – 1,000 iu/kg
Vitamin E – 50 iu/kg.
Vitamin Potency – 8 months from date of manufacture.

My Miniature Pinschers are both fed a breed specific home cooked diet

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