Re: Feeding – bev’s on a rant


I know im gonna get slated on this but here goes…..

Im all for natural feeding. I’ve done the research and read the books, and listened to all thats said on here. And Ideally,  yep I’d agree, its by far the best.

HOWEVER. For some people I beleive it really is impractical or at times impractical. last year I was travellling up and down the country sometimes twice a week, staying in hotels, hardly had time to get to the shop. Also we had no freezer where we lived down south not even a fridge top one. We lived off sandwiches from the back of a car for a while.

My best mate is a canine nutritionalist and together we did lots of research into the ‘best’ or a ‘good’ commercial food.

I can detect hackles rising all over  ;. But somtimes needs must……

And we belive Trophy is it! Have been to the plant to see the ingredients and the processing.

it’s all human grade. ingredients. Trophy was one of the first companies to  be approved under the BUAV no animla testing standard.

All meat is from animals fit for human consumption. 

There are no GM products ( in the premium range),  no artifical colourants, preservatices or flavourings. The meat is meat and declared on the wrapper. It is not by products.

the one I feed/have fed is… Trophy pemium hypo allergenic.

The ingredients are listed below and declared on the packet and in the publicity
Supreme basmati rice 35%
Salmon meat23%
grouond wholegrain yellow maize
Brewers yeast
Chicken oil
beet pulp
Salmon oil
Whole egg powder
Vits A 21,000iu/kg
Vit D3 1,750 iu/kg
Vit C 50 mg/mg/kg
Vit E 440 iu/kg
Copper 20 mg/kg

& mins
it has clucosamine and chondroitin added for joints .
Preserved with antioxidants Vit E & reosemary oil

Where I have recommeded food changes and only a dry food is acceptable to the persons, I have recommended this one. If I’m wrong then tell me. But if someone will only feed dry, they will only feed dry.

Where people have shifted from one food to this one we have seen dramatic changes in bahaviour (honest) 🙂

There ya go, slate me, stone me, hang draw and quarter me, slag me off…………………….Go crazy


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