Re: Feeding – bev’s on a rant


;D ;D – now would I  ::)

mmm – okay then  ;D

salmon errmm – post on here re salmon

beet pulp mmmm lovely – nice fresh beets?? mmmm or the crap left over form the sugar makers  ;D

and thats a high copper content for many dogs – especially those that are prone to copper toxicosis which often goes un-diagnosed until too late

egg powder mmm – inedible eggs are which the food agencies have declared unsuitable for human consumption due to broken shells or eggs which do not meet human standards in terms of blood spots etc – these eggs are centrifuged and the resulting liquid is pasteurized, spray dried, and packaged – each egg contains 50-55 gm of slurry which contains 22-25% total solids – most of it is done in india  🙂

dried – i dont think ou can beat burns but still wouldnt give my dogs dried food

holidays – large cooler box – ice packs at the bottom – teal towel – food  – crushed ice – t towel – food layered up until we can buy – emergency nature diet just in case and loads of eggs is what we do  🙂

ooo i love ranting about dog food  😀

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