Re: Feeding – bev’s on a rant


Oh Kiz, you surprise me, I thought you’de take it a lot worse than that  :).

I still think a proper natural diet is still best! I hope that that came across OK.

Trophy. I checked out the ingredients at the plant and I would happily have eaten them.

I always think a good test is to say to people, would you eat what you are feeding your dog? If they say yes, I say go on then, show me…… And if you wont’t, then why are you feeding it to your best friend?

I would and have eaten trophy. In fact one day, when we where in the car stuck on a motorway,sataionary, I did have quite a lot of it…….. It wasn’t my favourite meal, but it filled big gapo I had and I have’nt had any funny turns.

I know the protein content is pretty high, but my dogs did OK on it, even nutty Cloud. Though they are pretty fit and well and have masses of excercise.

I think that is the highest protein content that Trophy do. Normally suggest lower to customers. Though low protein commercial diets are pretty high to come by. l 
I’l check out the post on salmon though, didnt know there was a problem there. I just ate a load of it. Ooops.

THanks for not killing me Kiz. I feel only mildly battered. 


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