Re: Feeding – bev’s on a rant


Bones are so good for their teeth too – Piper’s are sparkling now!!!  ;D

I’ve typed up my own diet plan for the week now based on Bev’s diet sheet and it’s working well – lots of variety, chicken wings/thighs or pork ribs for breakfast (even though Piper looks at me after as if to say where’s my proper breakfast), sardines in oil, mince beef, chicken, turkey, tripe (phewy), rabbit or lamb for dinners with fruit & veg and terrier meal, pasta or rice. She has a packet of NatureDiet once a week too split into two meals!! One very happy pooch!!  ;D Oh and not forgetting her raw eggs – she lurves them too.  ;D

I love it when you breakdown the dry food ingredients Bev – makes you realise!!!!  😛

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