Re: Feeding – bev’s on a rant


I wouldn’t eat Mollie’s food even if it were organic free range homecooked – because i’m a veggie (ish – and a picky one at that). I think after reading all this that I’ll chuck the pedi pouches into the rescue bin at the supermarket, limit the meaty chunks to treats only when out on a long walk, and keep using the Trophy but less often or as a mixer to give some crunch. As for the rest, I shall wait and see what the mighty Kizzy recommends  😮 😮 ;D :-* and give Mollie some sardines for brekkie in the morning…maybe with a bit of raw carrot…

I ate Bonios when I was little. .. and I think I ate some of Duke’s biscuits once but then he stole my Special K…

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