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Thank you very much for keeping this subject!

I asked in Gießen ( about where to test.
And I got the answer that you can send the blood to Gießen. And because of the temperature now there would be no problem that the blood wouldn´t be all right after arriving in Gießen.
(And they hope to have an english translation one day…)

Here is the link to the test formular:

This is, what it says:

Telefonische Rückfragen… – If there are questions, please phone Mrs Leidolf on tuesdays and thursdays – german telefon number 0641 9938411 (mh, don´t know about phoning from Great Britain, but as far as I have heard their english is excellent)
Kosten – costs: 30 Euro
Rechnung – bill, which will be send together with the test resultat
Untersuchungsmaterial 1 ml EDTA Blut – please send EDTA whole blood (0.5 ml)
Name des Hundes – name of the dog
Zwingername – kennel name
Rasse – breed
ZB.Nr. – studbook number
Wurftag – date of birth
Chip Nr. – chip number
Täto.Nr. – tattoo number
Besitzer – owner, please sign to guarantee that your informations are right
Ort – village
Datum – date
Unterschrift – signature
Vorname – prename
Name – name
Straße – street
Postleitzahl – postcode
Telefon – telefon
Land – country
Testergebnis mit Rechnung an – please send the test resultat and the bill to
Besitzer – owner
Tierarzt – vet
(please choose only one)

Vom Tierarzt zu bestätigen – to be confirmed by the vet
Blutentnahme am – day, when the blood was taken
Die Identität des Hundes wurde von mir geprüft und die Probe stammt von oben genannten Tier – The identity of the dog was checked by me and the blood is from the above-mentioned dog
Sind bereits Arzneimittelunverträglichkeiten bekannt? – Are already some sensibilitys of drugs known?
nein – no
ja – yes
wenn ja, welche – if yes, which
Hinweis – hint, please send unwanted drug sensibilities, protokolls of anaesthesias and anaesthesia incidents to the project group in Gießen
Die Verantwortung für die Richtigkeit… – The sender is answerable for the correctness of the dates
Gewährleistungspflichten… – That´s not so easy to translate, perhaps: guarantee can´t be given
Schadensersatz… – That isn´t easy to translate, too. It means, that compensation can be given only for the payed money

Please notice again, that I´m German. Therefore this translation couldn´t be taken as an official one. I also will not give any guarantee or compensation.  😉

And please don´t forget to send your test resultat to be published on our homepage

Have a nice day,

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