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A breeder has to start somewhere to become a “seriuse” breeder..

Sure they have to start somewhere, but they should start by learning not by breeding. >:(  They learn from spending time with other experienced breeders who will happily share their knowledge if the newbie is serious to learn about the breed and not just breeding.

If you want to learn about a new hobby, then you take lessons from those who know how to do it whether it’s computers or Japanese. 😉  If you try to cook a new recipe and it goes wrong, then you can throw it in the bin.  When inexperienced people breed puppies, they SELL their mistakes and problems to unsusspecting families, who then have to live with the upset and Veterinary fees for the rest of the dog’s life.

Also most responsible breeders will endorse their pups’ registrations to protect their pups from being put at risk (whelping needs a knowledgable midwife as well as a loving owner) and being exploited.

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