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ulster exile

Ok, back to criteria 1 it is.

As for his communication, it depends on what it is he’s doing tbh.  We were told that we shouldn’t give the dog fuss on his demand, so if he plants his head on my lap for some fuss, I ignore him til he goes away then I wait and call him to me.  Similarly when I come in at night I usually ignore the dogs for a bit until they are chilled out.  When he sits for out, I ignore him as if he had his way, he’d be running in and out of the house to have a bark at the cats/neighbours every five minutes.  He gets out back when we get in, then obviously we have our walk and he is out once before he goes to bed.  Is all of this right?  ???

As for the dog pack manager – well I really messed up there ::) the hubby’s dog came first in the household and was dominant, but I couldn’t bear my dog to be second, so I enforced “equality”.  However, the hubby’s dog displays dominant behaviour most so I assume that he still regards himself as No1 (unless there’s a bone involved which is the only thing my dog will stand up to him for).

Sorry for the long post!

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