Re: the best place to be….


ok – you need to look at your pack i think because i am getting the feeling you are not ‘hearing’ them right and if you are not re-enforcing the pack manager there is going to be shutting down on you – i dont use words like dominant and submissive as they are not measurable – what behaviours does hubby’s dog ( what are the dog’s names save me looking back in old posts?) exhibit that you interpret as ‘dominant’

as for the ignoring – mmm – a good manager is a flexible manager – i call it sometimes we do and sometimes we dont  🙂 so sometmes we come in and go nuts greeting them – sometimes we come in and say hi and sometimes we come in and ignore and apply this to all situations – it keeps them on their paws – they look to cue – and start to read your body language – when they understand that you got it made because they will self cue as the ‘read’ you and you will be the instigator of their responses to you

with me?

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