Re: the best place to be….

ulster exile

Sorry, the hubby’s dog is Sam, a Jack russell.  My dog is Jake, a bitsa maybe lurcher/lab.

Behaviour – Sam will guard his food from Jake and will growl at him.  If Sam has been invited on the sofa, he will growl at Jake if he comes too close.  Same if Sam is playing with a toy.  Sometimes Sam will stare at Jake and intimidate him off his food, because Jake then moves away.  The only exception to this is when Jake has a bone – for some reason they’re worth standing up to Sam for ::)  Sam is always the one who’s trying to lead the walk – he sits by the door and always tries to go out first.  Jake really doesn’t appear to be bothered with all of that, and he’s the one who is least responsive when outside.

I’ll bear in mind what you say about the ignoring thing, cheers.

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