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I know its a circular argument isnt it 🙂

I think, by all means look into breeding  –  show your dog, ask around in the breed, is he/she a good representation KC reg’d, are you prepared to do the health checks – they can be alot of money in some breeds.  Have a look at the positive (way of life, improving the breed, satisfaction) and the negative (deformed pups, bitch dying, pups ending up in rescue) and the things that can be done to enhance the positives and the negatives 🙂  (like good home-checks + follow-ups)

Ask your dogs breeder, or others in the breed close by to allow you watch a whelping (not sure if breeders would do this – just a though ?) 

If it is “just one litter because you want a puppy” then I would ask the breeder when their next litter is and maybe you can get a 1/2 bro or sis 🙂  If it is a serious career then – do all your research, get showing with your dog, get the tests all done and if they are all OK, get researching your dogs lines and potential mates lines for quality and not too many in-bred 😀

Claire x

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