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It’s called looking, studying, and learning, long before you get a puppy and even longer to your first litter to breed you need the best if you are serious, go to shows semiars look at dogs study the breed and read anything you can lay your hands on in your chosen breed go and see breeders talk to judges.
I was born to it my father had rough collies I learned how to walk with a rough he taught me a lot but half a century later I am still learning.
It is a wonderful thing to do if you are serious you meet loads of like minded people travel and all with your dogs I have travelled to other countries as well. I don’t think there is a place left in the UK that I haven’t got a bed for the night and the same goes for the USA Canada and the continent oh and I forgot Australia.
One thing I have never been is big I have never had more than six dogs at the same time ever but I can still win with my girls including Crufts but you can have fifty and breed crap and win nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!
Research is the key to breeding not rushing or being a know it all most successful breeders will tell you what you want to know about a breed

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People keep saying that breeding is best left to the experts, well how did those experts start are were they born like that.

I mean come everyone has to start somewhere.

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