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From the many people I have spoken to who breed dogs responsibly(health tests good breed type etc)have nearly all told me that the way to start breeding is as follows

First read up about your chosen breed, not just about the show/working dogs but the rescue situtaion, need for more of the breed etc in other words all aspects of the breed

Then before buying a bitch to breed from, contact established breeders with good reputations for ethical breeding

Then when you decide whose dogs you like(ie from what bloodlines)then you buy the best bitch you can, who you then show/work etc to assess whether she is typical of the breed. Then have all the health tests done & then start reseraching for a stud dog suitable for the bitch to produce better dogs(not a clone of mum).

Then when you find the dog look at his offspring & if they are better than him & your bitch then & only then should you consider breeding

It is not just a case of buy a bitch go to a stud & become a good breeder at least NIMHO

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