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Think the skirt might be a bit too high still but better than before….
Do you think she’s lost his wireyness? Realyl hope not  :'(

They did him in about 3 1/2 hours instead of usual 5…

We’ll get him down to you next I reckon… in about 8 weeks or so?
Does your place have a website Suz?
His legs always look a mess –  they go all curly  :-[


I dont think so hun – but hard to tell from the pics. And hun id only take about 3 hours i would think (at a guess never having done one that size – the only one i ever got to handstrip tried to kill me!! 😮 when he headbutted me with a muzzle on and nearly took my teeth out i called it a day!)- 5 hours is maybe a tad excessive  😉 Nope we dont have a website but anything you need to know just ask hun – and you know id be happy to do him  :-*

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