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You must have  😀

Would love to know how he REALLY is with groomers – you never know if they are telling the truth or not. i am sure he is, he’s fine with anyone. He doesn’t even look back when he leaves us in the morning  :'(

Dont worry i will tell you the truth – im nothing if not honest  :-[ i see absolutely no point in telling the owners little fluffy has been perfect when actually he spent the two hours trying to rip my fingers off  ::)
bet you hes fine though – its funny i get feelings about dogs whether they will be good or not – dont get any bad vibes about Fritz (and believe me im nearly always right  😉  ;D
And as for him walking away and not looking back – if my boss is off for the day and pops in for something Honey BEGS to go with her – its embarrassing – shes literally scratching at the door to get out!!!  ::)

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I can’t wait to see the Fritz make over!  ;D  You’ll not recognise him. :-*

:-* Will get lots of pictures!!

[quote author=xtine link=topic=5578.msg125477#msg125477 date=1172528500]
Will be sure to put the pics on here  😉

Will have to get before and after pics of Joly too  😀  😀

Before – Calm happy groomer – after – calm happy groomer  😉  ;D

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