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[quote author=merrow link=topic=5578.msg125627#msg125627 date=1172579886]
8 weeks is so far awayi cant wait to see the after pics when shes finishes Fritz i bet h will look so smart


I hope he will!! And it might be just over 8 weeks – im booked solid the weekends Christine wants  :-\

[quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=5578.msg125643#msg125643 date=1172585448]
enough zinc in the diet and sea kelp

SEE knew Kiz would know!!  ;D

[quote author=Val link=topic=5578.msg125656#msg125656 date=1172590235]
;D I’d like to see those too, have to say I don’t like the way they do his eyebrows but then I an picky


I dont like the eye brows either – will sort those for you too Christine!!  :-*

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