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well it is now 2.45pm – at 9.30 i started grooming amilou – 5 mins at a time  ::) we now have 4 feet 1/2 trimmed – as in the outside of each foot and the fur underneath but not between the toes or on the inner sides  ::) we have 1 ear nice if a bit feathery still and 1 ear barely touched – we have 1/2 a bottom done and one back leg up to joint but a feathery tail still  ::) one armpit is sorted and trimmed and de -knotted the other one looks like a sheeps a£$e – she is now hiding under the bed  ::)
and i am walking around the house saying she is bloody used to this she a show dog – i have done this by cutting her – i know i have – she looks a total mess  >:D

and sam – lord knows what i am going to do with sam – his feet are weird – they past hobbit – they like a punk rockers head on a bad hair day but we only just got as far as him letting us brush him  ::)

brose is done – falkor is done – did them yesterday

don’t think i got the energy to do hollie – mo is looking at mobile groomers  ;D at least that is keeping her quiet  ::)

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