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the breeders say do feet every month – and i do try – falkor and hollie are a dream to do really the go to sleep – brose has a nervous breakdown – she shakes so much her teeth chatter but she lets me do it – ami is just a nightmare – i have cut her a few times but the armpit was the worse – wilma can do her no bother but with me she wriggles and squeaks and licks and gets hyper and then i panic in case i cut her again and i am all dithery – sam – well poor lad – he been visiting groomers to be shaved so prob muzzled and tied up but he gets grumpy with me and the brush although mo can manage him but mo can’t trim feet  ::)

can cope with most of it – it just the feet – falkor was done 6 weeks ago and yesterday was trimming 3 inch lengths from the top between the claws

hehe ami just peaked from under the bed – saw the grooming bag was still out and scurried back  ;D >:D

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