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We’ve had a GSD since we got Perry in 1985. She loved my two sons who were little at the time. We were so sad when she was getting old and her back legs were weak, so we bought another GSD pup , Mollie, before Perry died in 1997 and Perry mothered Mollie for a lovely 3 months. Mollie has grown up to be a strong loyal friend. Now we have a new GSD in the family, 8month old Shep (yeah I know, but we kept his original name) who was rehomed with us a couple of months ago. They’re gradually settling down with each other.

All three of mine were/are very gentle around people. Mollie hardly ever even barked before Shep arrived with his boisterous ways! I love their loyal temperament and their beautiful, magnificent heads. Your Flame is gorgeous Mossy. I’ll get some pics up tomorrow.

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