Re: training – left and right – clicker style


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Ah get ya!!!  ::)  ::) Just tried it out on him.  Although, I don’t use the visual and verbal together.  If he’s facing me I use my arms but if he’s not I use the verbal, so he would be going to mine and his left or right.  Does that make sense  ???  ::)

still not sure i get this (sorry bev!)
or at least after reading am thinking???
so 4 cues for left and right, 2 visuals and 2 verbals – if she facing me i point left when i want dog to go right (as we stick to dogs left and rights – i get that bit)

erm no just think i do get it, you said bev action is not going left or right but the beh you want is turning the shoulder to the left right whatever soooo i should be able to when dog next to me say left and/or use a hand signal for left (left hand) and the when facing me then when i want her to go my left her right, point left say right

have i got it ??? 

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