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The difference shows in the outfit not the colour the overseas handlers the women that is show in split skirt suits and flat shoes some of the more glam oversea shows like Westminster and a few other are very much a black tie affair so they come to the UK and think Crufts is the same we tend to wear trousers suits especially in the larger running breeds we save our glad rags for the evening shows like Superdogs or Champion of Champions
But for a FR the colour was good showed the dog off a treat.

I had my cream trousers on for the BSD and my blue for the Lhasa’s both had jackets I never go into a ring without a jacket unless it’s a red hot day then I am all summery it’s great showing a blonde peke I can please myself about colour and I can wear a skirt in the summer if i want too

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Ihave to agree bad choice of red suit fir the lady with the flat coat :-\  And tha way she ran was hilarious!! her shoes were far too clumpy!! ;D

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