Re: training – left and right – clicker style


sit in the middle of your sofa – put mat out to the right side of you about 5ft – free shape to the mat – delivering treats in front of you so she going to mat and coming back in order to be set up for the next behaviour – pick that mat up and put another one similar but not the same 5 ft to the left – free shape that – then pick that up and do the other one again – when it is all fluent start to visual cue – then pick it up and put the other one down and do the same – then start to increase the distance and mix and match the picking up of the mats – when it is all fluent put both mats down and test it – if that test is good start to add the verbal – test that in a difffernt criteria – when it flunet start to reduce the mat sizes – eventually remove the mats as the final test  🙂

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