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when i was a little girl about oh i dunno 8 -10 my dad has a GSD, i was afraid of it (dont know if it was a girl or boy was called sabre) when i 1st went in the house as it used to jump, but this was only prob because it was excited to see me. anyway it soon settled down once id been there a while, and just a few yrs ago dad told me that sabre used to sit outside my bedroom door on the weekends i stayed there, and once i has fallen asleep it used to come in the room and sleep at the end of my bed, but it must have gone before id woken up each morning too as i was never aware – isnt that sweet!

also he had another one more recently who used to wait by the front door on a night till everyone was in the house, and also count people in the house if there was one too many used to pin the extra people up agains the wall (not sure if that a good thing or bad thing) and then once everyone was in would go upstairs and settle outside my dads bedroom door!

no pics tho but i do like GSDs

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