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my parents had gone out on a once a year dinner date  🙂 i was in the care of elder sis who was taking advantage of them not being there – as you do  🙂 i was only a tot ( dad bought roger for my mum as a present when i was born ) i was sick in my cot and choked on it – roger went balistic but my sis was otherwise preoccupied with boyfriend in the summerhouse  🙂 the neighbours heard him and knowing that it was unusual came to see what was wrong – they called the ambulance – and they just got to me in time – ironically having summoned the help – he wouldnt let the strange men in odd clothing near me  ::) lying across my body and guarding bless – they had to loop him off and lock him up.
and…a few years later his son saved my life too at an age when i should have known better – but that is another story – not for today  🙂

i would never have a gsd – but i have an enormous amount of respect for them as you can imagine  🙂

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