Re: how to deal with seperation anxiety


We picked her up at 8 weeks which was when the breeder advised she is nearly 13 now. There were 6 pups in her litter 3 boys/ 3 girls. There was a problem with another bitch there that had also had a litter of 9 she took it upon herself to start feeding Meg’s litter even though they had been weened.

The most we have left her was for two hours in her crate which she seems to love and doesn’t associate with being left alone. since that time we haven’t left her really. My Partner works outside and the idea is for her to be outside with him when she is a bit bigger!! At the moment when we are at work she goes to his parents house.

She is on complete dry food – we tried her on pedigree then bakers which upset her tummy so she is now on Pets at home dry food which she seems to enjoy and hasn’t had any upset with.

She is such a loving dog and her training is going really well – I just want to crack this so she’s happy with and without us. We have both had dogs all our lives but never experienced this!

Thank you in advance!!

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