Re: how to deal with seperation anxiety


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mmm – silly breeder letting the other female near in that situation…

ok – well food is my funny – and that food is crap – it will make her hyper – loads on here re feeding – see feeding bev’s on a rant thread  🙂

have you conditioned the crate?

i suggest you do the seperation anxiety exercise but to really help i need to know what you have done said what you do say when this happens  🙂

I will read the thread on food because she does get very boysterous!!

The crate was conditioned when she is in and being good she gets a treat – at about 11pm I say in your bed and she goes straight in. If she goes in and doesn’t want to be in there she will bark but I don’t let her out untill she settles down as I don’t want to reward attention seeking behaviour. 

when we go out we try and ignore her for about 5 mins before we plan to leave – we then give her, her favorite chew and guide her into the crate with a selection of toys and soft bedding. we then leave the room. when we return we let her out and take her straight outside to do her buisiness. after 5 mins when she settles down we make a fuss and give her a treat.

Where am I going wrong?

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