Re: how to deal with seperation anxiety


and there is your answer hun

the crate has to be conditioned correctly – it has to be a safe haven – a nest – a den – somewhere that is good to go – not for exclusion or viewed as punishment – i dont use them never have never will but i deal with many dogs that have issues from incorrect conditioning

she needs to be left and feel it a good space where good stuff happen – feed her in there , put her bed and water in there, put her toys in there – dont shut the door until she goes in on her own dont lock the door until she comfy with it – you are now going to have to remodify the crate so it is this good place to be and not to be left in

sorry – but this will be the problem

think of it in her terms – she leaves mum and siblings and aunty and cousins and she comes into a house where there are no others like her or that speak the same language – she likes her humans but they lock her away and she has nothing she is familiar with – with me?

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