Re: female dogs hormonal cycle ©


is it kodi? i have this prob with ami as you know – there is no pattern – no rule – she starts when the others come on – they bring her on then she stops – then a few weeks later she is obv blind – swelling – no blood and dogs interested – she went 6 months the once but has also gone 3 months – it is generally believed to be due to hormonal problems/thyroid problems – i have had all those tests done and she ok – had a pre mate a couple of weeks ago when she was bleeding but she was not showing fertility and then she stopped  ::) – i am thinking of having her scanned to check the ovaries as val was saying the other day the girls can be a bit like the boys when the nuts dont appear but she clearly dont want pups or nature is saying no pups  ::)

have known girls to have a couple of blinds in the first year and then settle down – sure val or rough will know more  🙂

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