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prob easier to say what they can’t have  ;D

so the no’s are:

raw potato, rhubarb leaves, grapes, macadema nuts, avacado, onions  – in fact val has put up a list of poisons in the stickies i think  ;D

limit the banana’s they high in potassium and fruit sugars – mine get 1 small one a day
spinach is mega good as are pumpkin seeds – full of zinc good for coat and skin – most seeds are ok mine get safflower and linseeds – mine go daft for dried fruits like apricots and prunes but no sultanas or raisens as they dried grapes – my lot also go daft for roasted parsnips and roasted sweet potato but again they are high in sugars and they prefer their cauliflower raw  ;D they all like chickory but it a laxative like most of the lettuce family – beetroot is a big favourite too but beware it stains the poo and pee – look at the list of poisons other than that if they like it go for it

apple pips contain a very minute amount of a cyanide compound – if i give my lot an apple we find the pips are spit out – the only bits left – if adding apple to dinners i core them but it is only a trace amount – would have to eat lots  🙂

oo and chick peas – they adore chick peas on days we dont cook we throw in a tin – drained and washed

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